SPRING 2015: Consider Course Options for Majoring or Minoring in Spanish, Getting a Certificate in Translation/Interpreting or just “Fast-Tracking” your Spanish requirements!

educacion-espanolHola estudiantes,

Many of you may be taking Spanish courses simply to fulfill a requirement in your major. Others may be considering options for majoring or minoring in Spanish, or obtaining a Certificate in Translation/Interpreting.  Regardless, we would like you to consider the following benefits when making your choices:

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages throughout the world and it is tightly woven into the past, present and future of Texas and the United States. Unlike other languages, Spanish is not a language you use when you go somewhere else; it is a language that is directly relevant to our day-to-day life in Texas. Indeed, Spanish is expected to be the first language of at least 50% of the U.S. population within 50 years. In this context, knowing Spanish will open many doors for students, including opportunities in Education, International Business, Politics, Public Relations, or Diplomacy.

We have posted informational files for you on these pages of the blog:

MAJOR or MINOR in SPANISH:  Click here.
QUESTIONS: Contact Dr. Sonia Kania — skania@uta.edu

QUESTIONS: Contact Dr. Alicia Rueda Acedo — aliciarueda@uta.edu

Need to finish the last 2 semesters (2313 & 2314) of Spanish to complete your degree or get a head start on a Spanish major or minor? You can do it all in 1 semester!  For Spring 2015, just enroll in these courses:
SPAN 2313-132
SPAN 2314-132
This accelerated course is offered MWF, from 10-12.  Call the MODL department for standard clearance to enroll (only requirement is having passed SPAN 1442 with a grade of 70 or higher before Spring 2015).  Tel. 817.272.3161.

Email Department of Modern Languages — modladvisor@uta.edu — or phone the department number listed above.


Catherine Ortiz
Coordinator, Lower Level Spanish Program

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